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Injection Molding Automotive Parts Case

REGO provides customized injection molding service and has helped a local client to shorten the lead time so as our client can reach the date and catch the production line.

Our customer came to us to make a mold for an automotive injection molding and asked for very short lead time, only 30 days. Based on the REGO MOULD team’s analysis of the 3D data of the part and the customer’s requirements, we agreed with our client that we would finish the mold within 30 days. In order to reach the date, we made process report twice a week. At last, we finished and tested the mold within agreed time and the client was satisfied with the T1 samples and our capabilities.


The part size is 544x860x203MM and the mold size is 1050x1050x1023MM. The mold is not a small mold. And you can see from picture that we also used hot runner for this mold. The challenge is that not only should we reach the date, but also ensure perfect FOT samples.
What We Did:
After the project was confirmed, We first did DFM report with our client to check potential issues that might occur and solved them before automotive injection molding design. With potential issues closed, we did mold flow analysis report to check our mold design so as our design was optimized to avoid any design issues.
Customized injection molding, during mold process, we treated this project as urgent and give priority to machining. And our workers took 3 shifts to catch time.

Results We finished the mold on agreed date. The FOT samples run well. The customer were very satisfied with our cooperation and service.
Technical Details
Part Name: Automotive injection molding
Car Type: Tesla Model 3
Part Material: PP+10%GF
Part Color: Black
Part Size:544x860x203MM
Mold Size: 1050x1050x1023MM
Cavities: 1X1
End Customer: Tesla
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