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Provide Professional Injection Mold Design Service

REGO Mold is a reliable and experienced provider of injection mold design services. We are committed to delivering highquality, customized mold designs that meet the clients' unique needs and requirements. Here are some advantages of working with Rego Mold
Experience: Over 20 years in the mold design and manufacturing industry . Our experienced team has the knowledge and expertise to design molds that meet your specific needs and requirements.
Quality: Committed to producing high-quality molds that meet international standards. We use advanced design software and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precision and accuracy in our molds.

Customization: Understand that every client has unique needs and requirements and work closely with our clients to create custom molds that meet their exact specifications.

Efficiency: Dedicated to optimizing the mold design process to ensure efficiency and quick turnaround times. 
Customer Service: Committed to providing excellent customer service. We are responsive to client inquiries and concerns, and work closely with clients to ensure that their needs are met.

How To Meet All The Injection Mold Design Needs Of Our Customers?

REGO Mold provide professional Injection mold design service, meets all the injection mold design needs of their customers through a comprehensive and collaborative process that involves the following steps:
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The first step is to consult with the customer to understand their needs and requirements. REGO team will then work closely with the customer to gather all necessary information about the part or product that needs to be molded, including its shape, size, material, surface requirement, quantity and intended use.
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Mold design

Based on the customer's requirements, REGO team designs the mold. We will take into consideration factors such as the parting line, gate location, and mold structure to ensure that the mold is designed for optimal functionality and efficiency.
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REGO Mold provide professional Injection mold design service, also uses mold flow analysis to check if the customers’ design needs can be met.

Mold flow analysis is a computer simulation tool, which allows REGO team to simulate the filling, packing, and cooling stages of the injection molding process.
By using mold flow analysis, we can:
Identify potential design issues: The simulation tool can detect potential issues with the mold design before manufacturing begins. This allows the REGO team to make necessary design changes and adjustments to ensure that the mold functions optimally.
Optimize mold design: The simulation tool can help the REGO team optimize the mold design for optimal efficiency and performance. By simulating the injection molding process, the team can determine the best gate location, cooling system, and other critical factors to improve mold performance.
Reduce production costs: Mold flow analysis can help reduce production costs by identifying design issues that could lead to mold failure or part defects. By addressing these issues before manufacturing, REGO Mold can avoid costly mold repairs or replacements and improve part quality.

Why You Need Injection Mold Design?

Achieving precise product specifications: You can achieve precise product specifications, such as size, shape, and thickness, with accuracy and consistency.

Improved Product Quality

By using injection mold design, you can ensure that the plastic parts produced meet the highest quality standards.

Faster Production Times

Injection mold design can help to reduce production times by streamlining the manufacturing process.

Reduced Production Costs

Injection mold design can help to reduce production costs by optimizing the manufacturing process.

Achieving Precise Product Specifications

You can achieve precise product specifications, such as size, shape, and thickness, with accuracy and consistency.

Flexibility In Production

Injection mold design allows for greater flexibility in production, making it possible to produce a wide variety of plastic parts with different shapes, sizes, and materials.

How To Consult Our Design Engineer?

Send Us Your Part Design Drawing

You need to send us your design drawing with exact dimensions and details, this will help our engineers understand what you need.

Get Feedback

Generally within 24 hours, our injection mold specialist will contact you and confirm the design and details of the part.

Issuing DFM Analysis Report

After confirming all the information, our team will issue a report on the mold information you need, along with our expert's advice.

Mold Design Cases

Rego Mould as a leading professional mold making company, has a proven track record of delivering exceptional mold designs for our esteemed customers. Our team of experienced designers and engineers work collaboratively, leveraging their expertise to develop molds that are efficient, reliable, and cost-effective and works closely with customers, providing regular updates, and seeking feedback to ensure that the design meets their exact specifications. We value customer feedback as it allows us to continuously improve our mold designs, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction. The positive feedback we receive from our customers is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver successful mold designs that meet and exceed our customers' expectations. Our dedication to providing exceptional mold designs has earned us a loyal customer base and established us as a trusted partner in the mold making industry.
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