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Provide professional Foam Injection Molding Service, an automotive company had been struggling to find a supplier who could meet their high standards for quality and delivery times. They had already tried working with several different mold suppliers, but had experienced delays, poor quality, and other issues that had negatively impacted their production schedule. One day, while browsing the internet, the company came across the rego mould website. They were impressed by rego's focus on quality and customer satisfaction, as well as our extensive experience in the mold manufacturing industry. They decided to reach out to rego mold to see if we could provide the high-quality molds they needed. After contacting, the company was pleased to receive a prompt response from a knowledgeable and helpful sales manager. The representative took the time to understand the company's specific needs and provided a detailed quote for the molds they required.
Professional Foam Injection Molding Companies
REGO is a foam injection molding companies in China, and w
have an excellent technical team, which can be designed according to customers requirements.
After communicating, we did dfm report for the customer which helped our customer to identify any potential issues with the design before production and to ensure the production of high-quality molds that met the requirements.. And they were impressed with our expertise and professionalism. Therefore we reached cooperation. The quality of mold and delivery time was kept to ensure the smooth production for our customer. They were impressed with the level of expertise and support provided by rego mold, and would recommend us to other companies looking for a reliable mold supplier.
Part name : Injection molded foam/Tesla
Part material: ABS
Part Size: 157.66*392.88*379 .42mm
Mold Size: 750* 650* 783mm
Cavities: 1*1
Mold Number: K1991
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