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  • Q How can I get a quote?

    A You need to email your project drawings to us, or leave your email, and our professionals will contact you immediately.
  • Q I only have the pictures of the products. Can I get your quotation?

    A For simple products, it is best to use product pictures to get a quote. For complex parts, you can provide CAD design drawings, or send your parts to us so that we can give you a quote and provide samples.
  • Q How do you guarantee against plagiarism of my design?

    A For this point, many of our customers are also worried about, we can sign NDA agreement with our customers to ensure that your design will not be plagiarized, in addition, we are OEM injection mold manufacturer, we have no channels to sell such products. And injection molding part of the product can effectively prevent the whole product from being plagiarized.
  • Q Can you do parts design?

    A We can't, if you have a sketch, we suggest you can look for a local design company to help you, if you have design drawings, our designers can help you to optimize.
  • Q Can you prototype the product?

    A Yes, we can. Typically, we offer two kinds of 3D printing and CNC machining for product prototypes. Delivery time is 2 to 7 days. If you have sufficient budget, we also carry out prototyping tools or rapid molds.
  • Q How much does the tooling cost for my project?

    A Every project is different. We will quote according to the parts structure and customer requirements. Generally speaking, the more comprehensive the information provided by the customer, the more accurate the quotation will be. The following are several factors that affect the cost of the mold: product structure, plastic material, surface treatment, production quantity, mold standard (HASCO, DME, MISUMI, LKM) and accessories, whether the mold is exported or not. In short, our engineers will develop the most suitable tooling solution for your project according to your requirements and budget as well as the principles of manufacturability.
  • Q How soon can I get a quote after submitting the request?

    A Usually within 24 hours. However, if your project is a large or difficult one, we need more time to make a reasonable offer.
  • Q What kind of trade terms can you do?

  • Q What is the payment terms?

    A Tooling payment term: T/T, 50% deposit and PO, interim (first time) 30%, final term: 20% (before tooling shipping or running production).
    Production payment term: T/T, 50% deposit and PO, balance term: 50% before delivery of parts.
  • Q How long to make a plastic injection mold?

    A Depending on the complexity of the product, it usually takes between four and six weeks to make a set of molds. The delivery time will be on the quotation sheet for your reference before the order starts.

  • Q What is the basic process for a new project?

    A First, we will evaluate your product design and provide you with detailed quotation solutions as well as appropriate product design optimization suggestions. Secondly, when the order is confirmed, our engineers will provide you with a detailed DFM report which includes the basic plan of the mold and plastic parts. Third, during the mold design and manufacturing phase, your project engineer at RYD will follow up the whole process and provide you with a weekly mold progress report. Four, complete the mold, first try out the sample, internal review and measurement, send the sample to the customer evaluation. Fifth, if the sample is not qualified, our team should find out the reason and solution and improve, and then make a second sample for the customer to check until it is valid.
  • Q Do you have after-sale service?

    A Yes, we provide prompt after-sales service. Our sales engineer will continue to follow up the situation of the mold after it is exported. At this stage, if a mold fails, our engineers will participate in the evaluation process and help resolve the problem.
  • Q Is there a minimum order quantity (MIN)?

    A There is no minimum order quantity policy. Our sales and engineers will help you recommend suitable injection moulds and molding solutions.
  • Q What’s Rego’s advantage?

    A Rego is a mid-sized tooling company with over 3,000 square meters of plant space and over 50 employees. Our greatest strength is our extensive experience in our industry, and our detailed and high quality service leads to high quality products. At Rego, no matter how big or small your project is, we take it seriously and we have the professional staff and equipment to complete your project.
  • Q Can you do the second operation like painting, plating, assembling?

    A At this moment, we only help our customers to do simple assembly. The silk screen printing, painting and electroplating can done in our partners.




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