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Car Front Door Panel Molding Case

A German automotive parts manufacturer, seeking to improve the production of car front Door Panel Molding, approached REGO, a global leader in mold manufacturing, for the design and manufacture of a new mold. The German customer required a reliable supplier that could deliver the mold with high precision and quality, and within the specified timeline.

REGO's experienced team of designers and engineers analyzed the part design with German customer, including the product design issues, tolerance requirement, material properties, part finish and production needs and then optimized the part deisgn.

To ensure the mold would perform optimally, REGO performed a mold flow analysis. Using advanced simulation software, REGO identified and resolved any potential issues that could impact the quality of the final product. The analysis confirmed that the design was ideal for the customer's needs, and it would produce high-quality car front door panel molding with consistency and efficiency.
REGO is a professional plastic injection molding manufacturer, With the design analysis and mold flow analysis completed, the REGO team moved on to mold design. The mold design included the selection of the appropriate steel, parting line, gating system, cooling system, ejection and other essential components. We used UG to create a detailed 3D design of the mold, which was then reviewed and approved by the German customer.
With the mold design approved, we started the manufacturing work. REGO's highly skilled and experienced technicians used state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing techniques to produce the mold. The mold was machined, polished, and assembled with precision and attention to detail, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and consistency. Our three large CNC machines with maximum stroke 2000X1300X870 ensure we can manage big moulds like this.
After the mold was finished, REGO performed a mold trial to validate its performance and ensure it met the customer's requirements. The trial involved producing a small batch of car front door panels using the mold. The panels were then inspected for accuracy, consistency, and quality. REGO worked closely with the German customer to ensure their satisfaction and made necessary adjustments to the mold to ensure it met their expectations.
Only one loop of mold optimization, the German customer approved the Car Door Molding produced, and the mold was deemed ready for production. REGO's logistics team ensured the mold was packaged securely and delivered on time. The customer was delighted with the mold's performance, precision, and quality, and the timely delivery ensured their production schedule was not impacted.

Conclusion: REGO's comprehensive approach to mold manufacturing ensured the German customer received a high-quality and reliable mold for the production of Car Door Molding. The design analysis, mold flow analysis, mold design, mold manufacturing, mold trial and review, part approval, and shipment were completed with precision and attention to detail, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.
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