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Assembly Workshop

We have 5 groups in our assembly workshop. The workers have more than 10 years of experience in this field. We can mange 300 sets of moulds per year.

CNC Workshop

REGO has 30 CNC machines. Three of them can work with maximum stroke of 2000mm*1300mm*870mm.

EDM Workshop

We have 9 EDM machines. Among them, three are double-headed with maximum stroke of 1800*1200*800.

Rapid Prototyping Workshop


QC Department

REGO always uses the CMM to inspect every electrode before they go for EDM and inspect the cavities, cores, sliders, small inserts after every process.

Office and Engineering Department

REGO has 12 designers, 8 programming engineers and 4 project engineers. The designers are capable of mould designs from small size to large moulds, from 50KG to 30T. The project engineers are good at English and can communicate with our customers very well.




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